House Passes Common Sense Budget

Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) congratulates the U.S. House of Representatives for passing the FY 2002 Budget Resolution. This budget represents a return to fiscal sanity, as the Congress has voted to hold the line on spending, pay down the national debt and give the American people real tax relief.

“For eight long years the American people have suffered at the hands of the Clinton Administration. Their propensity for raising taxes, increasing spending and breaking promises have left the American people weary and pessimistic,” said Paul Beckner, President of CSE. “Now there is a new sheriff in town and we can finally return to a government that is truly for the people and by the people.”

Since 1984, CSE has worked to educate its members on the importance of reducing taxes and cutting the size of government. Through its efforts, CSE has a created a permanent, volunteer grassroots army to demand policy change all across the country.

“Our activists support the Bush budget plan 100 percent. I have never seen them so excited and ready to fight. They realize that Bush will stand by his word and provide them with real tax relief while finally bringing some fiscal sanity to Washington,” stated Beckner.

By following the initiative set forth by president Bush, Congress has guaranteed there will be enough money to reform social security, pay down the national debt and provide meaningful tax relief.

“After eight years of runaway spending sprees and demagoguery it is refreshing to finally hear that we will work to solve our problems and not just throw more money at them,” said Beckner. “The Budget Resolution passed today is a good first step toward cutting the size of the federal government and providing the American people the tax relief they deserve.”