Hundreds of CSE Activists Rally Against Government Control of Technology

“I’d like to complement CSE for taking on this technology issue. CSE is the first among advocacy groups to take up this issue.”

— Scott Draughon, Draughon Professional Association

Orlando, FL – More than 400 activists showed up for Florida Citizens for a Sound Economy’s (FL CSE’s) inaugural activist convention, the FL CSE Issues Forum 2000. This was the scene for more than 400 dedicated FL CSE members to learn about a range of economic policy issues. CSE’s Technology and Communications Director Erick Gustafson and guest speaker Scott Draughon, President and Chief Executive Counsel of Draughon, P.A. – Florida’s largest technology law firm – discussed the prominent issue of antitrust policy with CSE activists. Gustafson and Draughon showed how government intervention in the high-tech sector is detrimental to a growing economy, and would inevitably stifle competition and innovation.

FL CSE members are presented with CSE’s flowchart of the government’s plan to break up Microsoft.

An Exercise in Activism – A key aid to the discussion was a chart demonstrating the government proposed breakup of Microsoft for antitrust violations. The chart demonstrated how government lawyers and agencies would come between new innovation and consumers. In addition to the chart, CSE members were given sample letters to the editor, talking points and in-depth analysis on the issue. Some folks even turned the educational meeting into an exercise in activism by signing nearly 150 letters to Florida Attorney General Bob Butterworth and urging him to drop the case against Microsoft.

CSE Communications and Technology Director Erick Gustafson presents FL CSE members with strategies to talk technology with their elected officials.

“CSE is the only group that can put this many people in a room.”

— Florida State Rep. Fred Brummer

Scott Draughon discusses the Microsoft antitrust case with FL CSE activists

One Florida CSE activist related a story to the entire audience during the question-and-answer period, “Our Volusia County group went to Tallahassee for Florida CSE day to ask legislators to pressure [Attorney General] Bob Butterworth not to break up Microsoft. We were in the elevator when someone asked whose office we were visiting. My eight-year-old daughter replied: “We’re going to beat on Bob Butterworth’s desk!”