Hundreds of CSE Activists Rally For Social Security Reform and Personal Retirement Accounts

U.S. Representative Jim DeMint updates CSE activists on Social Security reform and Personal Retirement Accounts.

Orlando, FL – More than 400 activists showed up for Florida Citizens for a Sound Economy’s (FL CSE) inaugural activist convention, the FL CSE Issues Forum 2000 & Campaign Issue Intervention. This was the scene for more than 400 dedicated FL CSE members to learn more about Social Security Reform and Personal Retirement Accounts (PRAs). The featured guest speaker was U.S. Representative Jim DeMint (R-SC), who is the Vice-Chair for Communications for the Republican Conference.

U.S. Representative Jim DeMint explains to CSE activists how they can make a difference in the Social Security debate.

An Exercise in Activism. Florida CSE activists were briefed about the pending Social Security crisis, the benefits of PRAs, and the significance of this issue during the 2000 election cycle. Activists were also given a crash course in Social Security messaging and the best ways to convey the concepts behind PRAs. In addition to the presentations, CSE activists were given briefing books, which included action items, sample letters to the editor and to elected officials, talking points and in-depth analysis on the issue.

“CSE is a great organization! I can’t believe this crowd. I’ve spoken at weekend conferences before, and folks usually leave by the afternoon. Not your crowd though, the room was full, and the crowd was engaged.” – U.S. Representative Jim DeMint (R- S.C.)

U.S. Representative Jim DeMint converses with CSE activists after his presentation on Social Security reform.

This conference solidified CSE as a grassroots powerhouse that elected officials and candidates need to respect. Unlike any other organization, CSE drew hundreds of people willing to exchange their weekend and money for the opportunity to learn more about how to be successful in taking on extreme special interests and winning the debate on Social Security reform and PRAs.