Hundreds Rally to End Lawsuit Abuse

Florida CSE’s Issues 2000 creates momentum for tort reform

CSE brought more than 400 stade-wide CSE activists to Orlando, Florida this weekend (July 15 & July 16) to learn more about ending lawsuit abuse and what’s at stake in the upcoming elections when they took part in Florida CSE’s Issues Forum 2000 & Campaign Issue Intervention.

“We need CSE in Ohio.” — Sec. of State, Ken Blackwell

Not only did Sharkman make the trip to meet our activists and talk with them about ending lawsuit abuse, other champions of tort reform took time from their weekends to participate as well. Those who addressed the crowd on the impact of lawsuit abuse included: Fred Brummer, State Representative; Bill McCollum, US Representative (R-8th-Orlando); Tom Feeney, Speaker-designate, Florida State House; Victor Schwartz, Senior Partner, Crowell & Moring, LLP. These speakers briefed CSE activists on trial lawyer efforts at the state, federal, and judicial levels and how they, as grassroots citizens, can make a difference in this issue.

“I just need to come tell you how inspirational this weekend has been for me, I’m so excited to go back home and get more people involved.” -D.D. Agostino, Hillsborough County

CSE staffers educated and briefed activists about active federal bills including the Class Action Fairness Act and the Litigation Fairness Act on Saturday. As a result, activists sent nearly 150 letters urging Senator Bob Graham to support the Class Action Fairness Act. Saturday also provided a great deal of fun for CSE’s activists. Regis Cheatum, of Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe, engaged five participants in the CSE game show, “Who Wants to be a Trial Lawyer Billionaire?”

Following the issue forums, participants learned how to inject CSE issues in the upcoming elections. Our paying activists gave up their weekend to participate and learn more about how to end lawsuit abuse.

This conference solidified CSE as a grassroots powerhouse that elected officials and candidates need to respect.

Unlike any other organization, CSE drew hundreds of people willing to exchange their weekend and money for the opportunity to learn about ending lawsuit abuse and how to make a difference fighting the deep pockets of the trial lawyers.