Legislators Look Elsewhere – No Tax Increases!

It is no surprise that Senator Albertson is losing support of other Senators for his proposed sales tax increase for school programs for at-risk children. Senator Albertson, an opponent of the lottery, but a supporter of raising taxes is obviously looking for a substitute for the controversial and doomed lottery proposal, but raising sales taxes is not the answer.

“Legislators need to start making the tough choices that focus and reduce spending. It is becoming pretty obvious that Senator Albertson proposed sales tax increase is aimed at using an emotional issue such as our children’s education to increase taxes unnecessarily,” says Jonathan Hill, NCCSE Director.

North Carolinians are not blind, they can clearly see that this proposed sales tax increase is just another cloaked attempt by supporters of higher taxes and bigger government to fool North Carolinians into believing that a tax increase is inevitable whether it will be a lottery or something else. NCCSE believes that there are better ways to increase funding to crucial programs other than increasing sales taxes. Legislators need to look at reducing spending-increasing taxes is not the answer.