Legislature Gives Parents More Control Over Their Children’s Education

The 40,000 grassroots activists of Florida Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) applaud the Florida State Senate for passing by a vote of 25-14, a tax credit that will enable more parents to choose where their children go to school. This legislation, CS/HB271, would create a corporate income tax credit for contributions to nonprofit scholarship funding organizations. A similar measure passed the State House of Representatives by a vote of 71-46.

“This bill is an important step toward giving all parents a choice of where their children go to school. By fostering contributions to scholarship programs, low-income families, who currently have the fewest choices when it comes to their children’s education, can benefit,” said Florida CSE Director Slade O’Brien. “More parents will be empowered to take an active role in their children’s education, and by having more of a choice, parents will be able to better hold schools accountable for educating their children.”

As part of Florida CSE Day at the Capitol, March 21 and 22, over 250 grassroots activists from across the state rallied to support choice and competition in education. They met with legislators to discuss the need to support legislation enabling parents to have more say in where their children went to school.

“This is a big victory for parents across the state,” stated O’Brien. “The Senate has taken a significant step towards guaranteeing that very child has an opportunity for a quality education.”