Lincoln County Anti-tax Group Meets Tonight

By Jason Koshinskie

Gazette Staff Reporter

DENVER – For those tired of tax increases or having those dollars misspent, you aren’t the only one.

There is a group of folks on the horizon in Lincoln County, wanting to share their grievances and talk about solutions.

The East Lincoln chapter of North Carolina Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) will hold its first meeting from 7 to 8:30 tonight at Catawba Springs Elementary School. The organization formerly known as Citizens Against Incorporation will cease to exist, said Jason Saine, CSE grassroots coordinator for the Charlotte region. Their membership won’t go away, instead joining the non-partisan CSE.

“People are just trying to keep their tax bill down,” Saine said, “and that fits right along with our message. Those folks really just adopted our message and formed an East Lincoln chapter.”

North Carolina CSE started last year in Raleigh, and Saine said a goal is to have at least one chapter in every county.

At the meeting, North Carolina CSE director Charles Fuller will give a history of the organization and discuss the need to prevent future tax increases, Saine said.

He said one goal is to get candidates for Lincoln County commissioners to sign a “no tax increase” pledge and keep that promise for at least two years.

“Hopefully if all the candidates sign it, it won’t be an issue,” he said, adding, “I dont know if that will happen.”

But he said CSE doesn’t endorse candidates.

“We’re not in the business of supporting one candidate over another,” he said. “If a candidate matches up with our issues, great. But our stance is for the taxpayer.”


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