Memo Proves Clinton-Gore Administration’s Deliberate Deception On Gas Prices

A internal memo from the Department of Energy proves that the Clinton-Gore administration knew why gas prices rose so dramatically this summer, and that its own regulations were partly to blame. This directly contradicts claims by the administration that “there is no economic reason for the run-up in prices,” and that “big oil is gouging American consumers.”

Said Patrick Burns, CSE Director of Environmental Policy, “For the past several weeks, we’ve heard President Clinton, Vice President Gore, and EPA Administrator Carol Browner tell American consumers that skyrocketing gas prices were the fault of greedy petroleum companies. The truth is, the administration knew that was false all along. This deliberate deception by the Clinton-Gore administration is reprehensible.”

The DOE memo, written on June 5th, lays out a number of reasons for the price surge, including new reformulated gasoline regulations, low inventories, production cutbacks, and high demand. Despite the plethora of explanations laid out in the memo, the Clinton-Gore administration has insisted that price gouging and collusion by producers was responsible.

Concluded Burns, “After seven years of an anti-consumer energy policy, the Clinton-Gore administration has no remedy for consumers but blame-shifting. Thanks to the memo, Americans know who to really hold accountable.”