Message of the Day

Taxes Dominate the Iowa Caucus

The voters of Iowa have once again proven the establishment wrong. Pundits and pollsters who claimed Americans are not interested in tax cuts and tax reform were overwhelmingly proven incorrect.

The two candidates who made taxes the centerpiece of their campaigns finished first and second in the Republican caucus. Governor Bush, who has staked his candidacy on a $483 billion tax cut that reduces taxes for all working Americans, eliminates the death tax and reduces the marriage penalty, won the caucus with over 40 percent of the vote.

Steve Forbes, who made scrapping the code and replacing it with one simple, fair, honest and low rate the centerpiece of his campaign, finished second.

All told, the candidates who stressed lower taxes garnered over 70 percent of the Republican caucus vote.

Americans are paying the highest taxes in history and we have record budget surpluses. If we can’t cut taxes now, when can we?

If the money stays in Washington, the politicians will find ways to spend it on bigger government. Congress and the Administration have already busted the budget caps for the past two years — and President Clinton has already announced he plans to do it again next year.

Iowa wants a tax cut. And, the American people want a tax cut. On to New hampshire!