Message of the Day

Governor Bush wants the first decade of the 21st Century to remain Internet Tax-Free.

CSE has asked all Presidential candidates to sign the E-Freedom pledge, which includes making permanent the current moratorium on Internet Taxation. To date, Steve Forbes, John McCain, Orrin Hatch and Gary Bauer have signed the pledge. Governor Bush has declined to sign pledge.

Last night in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Gov. Bush made his strongest statement to date on the need to keep the Internet free from taxation. Earlier, the Texas Governor had called for extending the moratorium, which expires in 2001, for three to five years.

Governor Bush last night told Citizens for a Sound Economy, “I believe in a 10 year moratorium.”

“Keeping the Internet tax free for a decade is a strong step in the right direction. A decade is a longer time then he would be president, so he might as well come out and sign the E-freedom pledge,” said CSE’s Executive Vice President Matt Kibbe.

All GOP candidates now support making the first decade of the new Millennium Internet-Tax free. Al Gore should make the same pledge so he isn’t remembered as the man who invented Internet taxation.