Mike Lee Has Been a Gift to the Conservative Movement

Following a positive story in The Week about Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah), FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon commented:

“Mike Lee is one of the few lawmakers in the Senate who have a strong grasp on policy issues from a conservative viewpoint and encyclopedic knowledge of the Constitution. These are a couple of reasons why we’ve often referred to him as a ‘one-man think tank.’ Senator Lee has had a tremendous impact in driving conservative policies. He has been at the forefront of several issues that grassroots conservative activists care about, including pro-growth economic policies, repealing ObamaCare, protecting Americans’ civil liberties, and reforming the criminal justice system.”

“Utahns recognize Lee’s commitment to conservative principles and his sincerity when listening to their concerns, which is why a recent poll showed that 61 percent approve of his job performance. He has been nothing short of a gift for the conservative movement, and we look forward to seeing what the future has in store for him.”

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