Nancy Pelosi Earns a Zero on CSE Economic Scorecard

Representative Nancy Pelosi, the new House Democrat Minority Leader, scored a worst-possible 0 percent on the CSE Economic Scorecard for the 107th Congress.

Analysts at Citizens for a Sound Economy track all legislation in Congress, and identify the votes most critical to maintaining and expanding America’s economy. The result is compiled into the CSE Economic Scorecard, which rated 20 key House votes on key economic issues in the 107th Congress. Members scoring above 80% receive recognition and the prestigious CSE Jefferson Award.

In contrast to Pelosi’s score of 0 percent, the CSE Economic Scorecard national average in the 107th Congress was 48 percent. Even outgoing Minority Leader Dick Gephardt managed to get a score of 10 percent for the 107th Congress.

CSE President Paul Beckner said: “As her voting record shows, Representative Pelosi is on the wrong side when it comes to supporting the economy and jobs in this country. Her score of zero means on the twenty key votes for economic liberty in the 107th Congress, Nancy Pelosi voted the wrong way every single time.

“Her home city, San Francisco, depends on free trade, but she voted against it. She voted for higher income taxes. She voted for the death tax. She voted to keep the trial lawyers fat and happy. She even voted against repealing the marriage tax penalty!

”Hopefully, as the new House Democrat Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi will change her ways and support tax relief and other policies to get the economy moving again.”

The complete CSE Economic Scorecard for every U.S. Representative is available at online at:


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