NC CSE Director Sends Message To Legislators And Governor Easley’s Loophole Committee

In a letter to the North Carolina General Assembly North Carolina CSE Director Jonathan Hill said the following:

As you are aware, North Carolina Citizens for a Sound Economy (NCCSE) and its over 17,000 active members statewide are very concerned with the spiraling tax burden that is consuming their hard earned income. While North Carolina’s families are struggling to meet the needs of their families, the government is determined to find ways to capture more and more of their hard earned money.

Our members believe government should live everyday by the same rule that its citizens live by, that is, live within your means. They have clearly stated “We Want Less” taxes and government. Yet, despite their plea for relief and despite promises made to them by many legislators not to raise taxes, North Carolinians are being bombarded and drowned out with daily messages from Governor Mike Easley’s Loophole Commission that a tax increase is inevitable; and they just need to find what tax the people will agree to accept as inevitable. Our members believe that this is an offensive and reckless way to run a government!

NCCSE members strongly believe that a tax increase is not in the best interest of North Carolina and its hardworking families and do not believe that a tax increase is a foregone conclusion. Therefore, they want their representatives in the General Assembly to make the hard decisions to ensure that there are no tax increases on the people of North Carolina.

In response to our members plea for tax relief, NCCSE will consider any tax ideas that Governor Easley’s Loophole Commission comes up with that is not offset with other tax reductions making it revenue neutral will be considered a tax increase. Therefore, NCCSE will score that vote on our taxpayer scorecard.

We hope to work with you in the months ahead to ensure that the hard working families of North Carolinians get the tax relief that they need and have repeatedly asked for. We know that the task will be difficult, but the rewards will be immeasurable for North Carolina’s taxpayers, families, and economy.