NC CSE Tax Pledge Becomes Issue in Raleigh Mayoral Debate

Last night, before a standing-room crowd of over 160 people, taxes became the central focus in the Raleigh mayoral race.

The forum, hosted by North Carolina Citizens for a Sound Economy and moderated by radio talk show host Jerry Agar of WPTF (680 AM), featured candidates Mayor Paul Coble and challenger Charles Meeker.

Mayor Paul Coble and challenger Charles Meeker debated in the Jerry Agar moderated forum.

This event marked the first time the candidates addressed the issue of tax increases. When asked by the moderator if they would support the NC CSE pledge that commits them to oppose tax increases, the candidates provided very different responses.

Charles Meeker proclaimed that he would not sign such a pledge because of his support for higher impact fees. When the question was asked of the incumbent, Paul Coble, he responded with an emphatic “yes,” indicating he would sign the pledge.

160 people crowded the room to listen to the candidates.

“This shows an important contrast between the two candidates,” NC CSE director Jonathan Hill said following the debate. “While Mayor Coble has stated that he is willing to fight for the taxpayers of this city to maintain lower taxes and less government, candidate Meeker has illustrated just the opposite. The voters of Raleigh need to continue to make this an important issue. It is clear which candidate is a friend of the taxpayer and which is a friend of big government.”

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