North Carolina Attorney General Easley: Microsoft Breakup Not Necessary

State Unity on Microsoft Remedy Called into Question

Washington, DC—North Carolina Attorney General Mike Easley is now on record saying that a federal breakup of Microsoft goes too far. When asked for an appropriate punishment for the software company from Redmond, Wash., Easley backed off of an earlier hard-line position. Easley said in an interview with a reporter from The Charlotte Observer:

“I’m not one of those who’s been pushing too hard on the remedy. I think the court is going to find the right remedy. I’ve tried to be somewhat of a voice of moderation in the negotiations. I’m not convinced that a massive breakup is necessary.”

Attorney General Easley is one of the 17 state Attorneys General who joined the Justice Department in a recommendation to the court for a controversial and far-reaching radical proposal to break up Microsoft.

Citizens for a Sound Economy agrees with North Carolina’s Attorney General that a structural breakup of Microsoft is unnecessary. Over the past few months, CSE’s activists have been contacting Easley to inform him of their opposition to the government’s case and the proposed remedies.

Erick Gustafson, director of communications and technology policy at CSE, noted that Attorney General Easley has moved toward a more commonsense position.

“The last thing that consumers need is a federal judge, advised by government lawyers, to design the future of the software marketplace,” Gustafson said.