North Carolina FreedomWorks/CSE Meets with Congress During the Holiday Break

There’s a great opportunity to push for Social Security reform this holiday season, and FreedomWorks members are on the job: ‘Tis the season for Personal Retirement Accounts!

There’s no question that Social Security reform should be at the top of taxpayers’ Holiday Wish List this year. The team in North Carolina is working to help Congress deliver on the ambitious Freedom Agenda.

Congressman Robin Hayes and Cabarrus County activists David and Deborah Black, meeting to discuss Social Security reform.

Congressman Coble discussing Social Security reform with FreedomWorks/CSE; Congressman Coble did a event with FreedomWorks on SS reform last year.

Congressman Howard Coble with Guilford Co. activists.

Congressman Walter Jones discussing SS reform with FreedomWorks/CSE Orange Co. activists

Group photo with Congressman Walter Jones