Oregon Citizens for a Sound Economy Fights for Property Rights

CSE Members and Other Local Groups Protest 11th-Hour Clinton Land Grab. On January 6, 2001, more than 1,200 activists from Northern California and Southern Oregon gathered for a “Road Rally” in Medford to make their voices heard on property rights, Secretary of the Interior nominee Gale Norton, and government land grabs. The road rally clogged downtown Medford for more than an hour as the assembled throng paraded through the city. Protestors drove log trucks, trucks pulling boats, campers and four wheelers with pro-property rights signs and banners through the streets of Medford to bring attention to the proposed federal takeover of Soda Mountain, Medicine Mountain, and the multi-use lockout of Diamond Lake and Crater Lake National Park.

“Russ, you guys (Oregon CSE) have done a great job. This is a big success. I’m amazed at the number of people you got here.”

— Ric Holt, Jackson County Commissioner

Oregon CSE Director Russ Walker motivated the crowd during the rally, speaking about the improper use of the Antiquities Act to remove large tracts of land from public and private use. Walker also spoke about the real Clinton legacy regarding land-use issues, the importance of a reasoned, balanced environmental policy, and of CSE’s support for Norton’s confirmation.

“Good job, this is a great event, keep the pressure on…we are going to need your help this year.”

— Harold Haugen, Josephine County Commissioner

CSE Activists Take the Lead in Supporting Gale Norton for Secretary of the Interior. Oregon CSE collected over 600 signed cards urging Senators Smith, Wyden, and Feinstein to confirm Gale Norton. Oregon CSE gathered petition signatures, addresses and e-mails about the monuments’ designations and the Norton nomination. Altogether, the CSE coalition gathered more than 1,000 signatures that will be delivered to Senator Wyden and Governor Kitzhaber.

Oregon CSE Director Russ Walker gathers
signatures in support of the Norton Nomination.

The rally was heavily attended by the local media, including ABC, CBS and NBC as well as the Medford Mail Tribune. Walker made a public statement, which appeared on KTVL-TV as well as KOBI-TV. KTVL-TV’s evening story was built around quotes from Walker supporting the Norton nomination and condemning the Clinton legacy in the Pacific Northwest.