Oregon CSE Grassroots Activists Call for Internet Tax Freedom at Oregon CSE Day at the Capitol

Salem, OR – Immediately following the Senate’s passage of SB 660, the “2001 Internet Tax Ban,” Oregon Citizens for a Sound Economy conducted its second annual CSE Day at the Capitol. The event brought over 200 grassroots activists from across the state to the capitol for good-old fashioned grassroots lobbying on key CSE issues including Internet taxes, environment, tax cuts, prescription drugs and education.

Throughout the year, Oregon CSE has been educating grassroots activists on Internet taxes and the need for SB 660 – legislation drafted by Oregon CSE. In an effort to eliminate any possibility of an Internet tax in a state without a sales tax and to foil the Multi-State Tax Commission, Oregon CSE has hit the airwaves and the pavement, traveling across the state educating citizens and legislators on this important, groundbreaking legislation. Having testified before the Oregon Senate Revenue Committee on SB 660 on behalf of Oregon consumers, Oregon CSE conducted its CSE Day at the Capitol in part to let legislators know what citizens think about Internet taxes.

OR CSE activists on the Capitol steps

at OR CSE Day at the Capitol on April 19th.

Oregon CSE director Russ Walker gave a presentation on the bill and activists were presented with talking points, and sample letters to the editor and legislators on Internet taxes. During CSE’s rally on the capitol steps, Senator Jason Atkinson, co-sponsor of SB 660 and technology entrepreneur Craig Berkman, gave speeches highlighting the significance of SB 660 to Oregon consumers and the state’s economy. Each activist was given an opportunity to discuss this bill with their legislators along with other CSE issues during prearranged activist-legislator one-on-one lobby meetings. Over 400 lobby visits were conducted throughout the day. SB 660 now moves to the Oregon House where it will surely be watched and supported by Oregon CSE and its 9,000 activists.