Oregon FreedomWorks Election 2004 Education Effort Connects with Nearly 1.8 Million Citizens

As Oregonians wrap up voting today, it is likely that they’ve heard from FreedomWorks. That’s because this election cycle, FreedomWorks operated a massive education drive that reached almost 1.8 million citizens in Oregon.

The Oregon Get-Out-The-Vote effort was part of a national campaign that employed good old fashioned “shoe leather” politics. A standing army of Oregon GOTV political volunteers who led election year activities conducted rallies, literature drops, phone tree call-downs, and door to door efforts.

Armed with door hangers and informational leaflets, FreedomWorks activists used grassroots tactics to differentiate candidates who have pledged to support economic freedom from those who haven’t. These Oregon GOTV efforts also included 365,000 push calls and paid advertisements.

Oregon FreedomWorks’ grassroots outreach campaign played an important role these key races:

President: George Bush vs. John Kerry

U.S. House, 1st District: Goli Ameri vs. David Wu
U.S. House, 5th District: Jim Zupancic vs. Darlene Hooley

Oregon Senate, 3rd District: Jim Wright vs. Alan Bates
Oregon Senate, 4th District: Norm Thomas vs. Floyd Prozanski
Oregon Senate, 5th District: Al Pearn vs. Joanne Verger
Oregon Senate, 25th District: Ron Sunseri vs. Laurie Monnes Anderson

Oregon House, 10th District: Alan Brown vs. Jean Cowan
Oregon House, 11th District: Michael Spasaro vs. Phil Barnhart
Oregon House, 14th District: Debi Farr vs. Bev Ficek
Oregon House, 15th District: Andy Olson vs. Wesley Price
Oregon House, 22nd District: Al Shannon vs. Betty Komp
Oregon House, 32nd District: Doug Olson vs. Deborah Boone
Oregon House, 35th District: Suzanne Gallagher vs. Larry Galizio
Oregon House, 39th District: Wayne Scott vs. Doug Neeley
Oregon House, 48th District: Dave Mowry vs. Mike Schaufler
Oregon House, 50th District: John Lim vs. Jim Buck
Oregon House, 51st District: Linda Flores vs. Kathryn Firestone
Oregon House, 54th District: Chuck Burley vs. Judy Stiegler

Measure 35: Tort reform, medical malpractice, non-economic award caps
Measure 37: Property rights, regulatory taking compensation
Measure 38: SAIF, Insurance Reform

Oregon FreedomWorks Director Russ Walker is available for comment on the election results and the impact of FreedomWorks grassroots education campaign at (503) 709-8864.