Over 200 Oregon CSE Activists Demand their “Kicker” Income-tax Refund

Salem, OR – Sometimes politicians forget whose money they are spending at the State Capitol. Over 200 Oregon Citizens for a Sound Economy (OR CSE) activists stormed the Capitol on April 19th to remind their legislators exactly where state revenues come from. One of the chief concerns of these citizens was fighting legislative plans to withhold their constitutionally protected income tax “kicker” refund.

OR CSE activists on the Capitol steps

at OR CSE Day at the Capitol on April 19th.

Many activists rose at dawn and traveled across the state by bus to urge their elected officials to sign CSE’s pledge to refund the kicker, restrain spending this session, and run government more efficiently. OR CSE held a rally on the steps of the state Capitol, calling on the state legislature to return the entire income-tax refund kicker to the taxpayers and to support an agenda of lower taxes and less government regulation.

State Senator Randy Miller addresses the
OR CSE crowd during the kicker rally.

Following the rally, OR CSE’s grassroots activists aggressively lobbied their legislators on the kicker in their offices, in the halls of the Capitol, and everywhere in-between. In addition, members also met with legislators to discuss issues such as permanently keeping the Internet tax-free in Oregon through SB 660, passing common-sense salmon restoration reforms, opposing costly pharmaceutical drug pricing schemes, and streamlining regulations. It is not often that ordinary citizens come to Salem to ask for less from their government and legislators certainly took notice of this. Over a dozen legislators signed CSE’s kicker pledge and CSE activists conducted over 400 legislator visits.