Over 200 Oregon CSE Activists Lobby to Chop Down Plans for Prescription Drug Price-Caps

“You guys have some pretty good stuff here” If we let don’t let drug companies charge for their medicine, we’ll all end up taking aspirin.”

— Oregon Rep. Cedric Hayden

Salem, OR – As the battle over pharmaceutical price controls rages in states all across the U.S., Oregon Citizens for a Sound Economy has become the fifth CSE state to take the lead to prevent state-based price controls from being enacted. More than 200 Oregon CSE activists stormed Salem to lobby their legislators in opposition to prescription drug price-caps. These activists represented an enormous grassroots presence that stands against legislation, such as SB 819, that would cap the price of prescription drugs and effectively stifle innovation and eliminate choice and competition. CSE activists delivered the message that “politicians make lousy doctors.”

Our activists rose at dawn and came from across the state by bus to reach Salem. Prior to storming the capitol they were educated by CSE policy staff on the ill effects of price controls on innovation, competition and choice. Each activist was given a binder that contained a lobby sheet on key legislation, talking points, and sample letters to legislators and news media outlets. With the education material in hand, activists converged on the capitol for good old-fashioned grassroots lobbying. Each activist was scheduled to meet with his or her own representative and senator in order to discuss the prescription drug issue. Over the course of the day, Oregon CSE activists visited legislators more than 400 times in an effort to get them on record in opposition to the price-caps bills. CSE staff personally followed up with key legislators and those who requested additional information to ensure that lawmakers understood our grassroots strength and our opposition to bad legislation.

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