Planes, Trains and Telecom: CSE Foundation Discusses the Effects of Regulations in the Transportation and Telecommunications Mar

Washington, DC – On March 20, 2001 CSE Foundation hosted a policy watch panel, “A Ticket to Nowhere: The New Drive For Regulation in the Telecommunications and Transportation Markets” on Capitol Hill. The expert panel of speakers included: James Burnley, Transportation Secretary under the Reagan Administration, CSE Foundation Board member and presently a Partner at Winston and Strawn Law Firm; Glenn Scammel, Majority Counsel for the House Subcommittee on Railroads, and CSE Foundation Research Fellow, Jerry Ellig.

Panel speaker from left to right, James Burnley,

Glenn Scammel and Jerry Ellig.

With the House Transportation Subcommittee room near capacity, the 45 attendees listened as the panel of experts discussed the current state of the transportation and telecommunications markets and how government regulations affect each sector.

Attendees included congressional aides, media and other third party representatives. Also, CSE Foundation distributed to all attendees its new Issue Analysis, “Economic Deregulation and Re-Regulation: Benefits and Threats,” and a number of telecommunications and transportation scholarly papers authored by CSE Foundation Senior Research Fellow Dr. Jerry Ellig. The event was featured in the Journal of Commerce’s article, “Collusive Behavior; Use antitrust laws to trim rail market power, suggests counsel to House rail subcommittee.”