PNTR Letter to Congress

March 21, 2000

Dear Member of Congress:

International trade promotes individual and economic freedom at home and abroad. Therefore, on behalf of the 250,000 members of Citizens for a Sound Economy, I urge you to support permanent normal trade relations (PNTR) with the People’s Republic of China. By supporting PNTR, you are demonstrating your support for American consumers, farmers, and business owners.

Without PNTR, Chinese products sold in the U.S. would be subject to tariff increases ranging upwards of 40 percent. As a result, American consumers would be forced to pay higher prices for hundreds of everyday goods. In addition, American farms and businesses stand to lose almost $14 billion dollars each year in exports, as the Chinese are likely to enforce retaliatory measures.

PNTR with China would save American jobs, help Americans afford consumer goods, and reinforce U.S. influence in China. It is this last benefit that provides Chinese citizens a foundation for economic, individual, and political freedom. Since 1978, trade, combined with economic reform in China, has lifted approximately 200 million Chinese individuals out of poverty, and provided them with greater access to not only our goods and services, but to our values and ideas as well.

In the high-tech economy, which represents one-quarter of the growth in GDP, opening the Chinese market would be greatly beneficial. The US high-tech industry represents more than 55 percent of all exports to foreign markets making it the largest U.S. exporter. China is already America’s fourth largest trading partner and PNTR would only increase the influence and access to this growing market.

For these reasons, I strongly urge you to support PNTR with the People’s Republic of China. By doing so, you are preserving the economic rights of America’s consumers, farmers and business owners. Should you or your staff have any questions, please call our Chief Economist Dr. Wayne Brough at 202-942-7611 or our Director of Technology and Communications Policy Erick Gustafson at 202-942-7641.


Paul Beckner President