Provision Preventing the ObamaCare Bailout of Insurers Is the Silver Lining in the Omnibus

Following the release of the omnibus appropriations bill, which targets ObamaCare by prohibiting the use of taxpayer funds to bail out health insurance companies that participate on the exchanges, FreedomWorks Legislative Affairs Manager Josh Withrow commented:

“Let’s be clear here, the omnibus bill blows past the spending caps put in place by Congress in 2011 and will lead to more debt for Americans. It’s simply irresponsible to spend beyond our means as the national debt soars closer to $19 trillion. For this reason alone, FreedomWorks will release a key vote against the omnibus.”

“The silver lining in the bill is that it kept the language preventing the Obama administration from using taxpayer funds to bail out insurers that are losing money because of ObamaCare. Still, the only way to fully relieve Americans of the burden of ObamaCare is to repeal it, and we hope the House will act on the reconciliation bill that has already passed the Senate when they return in January.”

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