Republican Women Join Fight to Stop the Lottery

North Carolina Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE) is gaining allies in its battle against a state-run lottery. The North Carolina Federation of Republican Women (NCFRW) has taken a stand against a state sponsored lottery. This past weekend, at its state convention the NCFRW passed a resolution calling on members of the General Assembly to vote against any legislation that would create either a lottery or a state referendum on the issue. As proof of the NCFRW’s commitment to this issue the measure passed unanimously.

The NCFRW echoed North Carolina CSE’s call to action that a lottery will lead to higher taxes, a loss in sales tax revenue and will be a regressive tax on North Carolina’s poorest citizens. The group also listed the negative effects a lottery will have in increasing the number of problem gamblers in North Carolina as a reason to oppose the measure.

“It is good to know North Carolina CSE has picked up such an ally in the battle to keep our state from falling prey to gambling interest and the proponents of bigger government,” said North Carolina CSE Director Jonathan Hill. “I am particularly proud of Forsyth County CSE activist Joyce Krawiec for introducing this resolution and for recognizing the lottery for what it is–just another attempt to increase the size of government.”