Republicans: Postpone the Conference Election of Speaker of the House

FreedomWorks today urged members of the House Republican Conference to postpone the election of the speaker until December. Currently, leadership elections for the House Republican Conference are scheduled the week following the November 8 general election.

“After a chaotic election cycle, the House Republican Conference should take some time to reassess and reflect on what the future of the GOP will be,” said FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon. “Will the conference fight for conservative priorities in the lame duck and into the next Congress? Or will it continue down the path of the status quo that has frustrated conservative grassroots activists across America.”

“Sadly, Speaker Ryan supported a lame duck session of Congress, which means there is still work to be done by the House in November and December. The extent to which Speaker Ryan fights for fiscal sanity and conservative priorities in the upcoming funding battle are key to understanding whether the House Republican Conference will produce a bold conservative policy agenda and fight to move it through next Congress or whether the status quo, in which government continues to grow and more debt and deficits are piled on taxpayers, will be maintained,” Brandon added.

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