Save Our Schools From the Trial Lawyers

Save Our Schools From the Trial Lawyers

Stop the Trial Lawyers from Taking Over Our Schools!

According to the Education Law Association, smaller school districts are paying $5,000- $15,000 a year for basic legal services. This number may increase exponentially if a school is actually sued. Larger districts pay even more- $250,000 to $1 million for basic legal service and up to $100,000 for a single case.

“People will sue much quicker and for much less of a circumstance than ever before. Everyone has to litigation conscious.” Said J.W. Smith, director of the department of sports administration for the Chicago Public Schools.

Fear of trial lawyers filing frivolous or harassment lawsuits is not just costing schools money. Traditional staples of the schoolyard experience are disappearing. Joseph Pizza, Principal of Silver Bay Elementary School in Tom River, New Jersey removed the monkey bars and metal swings from his playground.

“Though you may not be in direct supervision of the child at the time, in essence you’re carrying the bag.” Said Pizza.

The Same legal system that allows a woman who spills hot coffee on herself to sue or smokers who knowingly knew the risks of cigarettes to sue tobacco companies, or states which legally allowed and profited from the sale of firearms, to turn around and sue gun manufacturers, is now allowing a group of greedy trial lawyers to raid our schools.

Indulging in novel legal theories perpetuates our out of control legal system and forces us all to pay. Principals are focused on protecting themselves from frivolous lawsuits, rather than on hiring quality teachers; consumers pay more and accept less in their choice of goods and services, all so plaintiffs’ lawyers may line their pockets.

When matters are left to the lawyers, costs rise and services dwindle, consequences America’s public schools cannot afford. Instead of teaching our children, teachers vehemently police the hallways, bathrooms and playgrounds. Instead of focusing on curriculum or which teachers to hire, frivolous lawsuits force school boards to focus on depositions and cutting costs to provide for legal fees.

We need to save our legal system from the exploitation by an elite group of greedy trial lawyers. Teachers and principals have enough concerns about trying to teach our children; fear of being sued should not be one of them. Hopefully Congress and state legislatures will take notice of the trial-lawyer grip on our schools. More importantly however, Americans must take notice of just how out of control their legal system has become and demand that their legislators do something about it.

What You Can Do to Help

A lot of us are frustrated with what’s wrong with our government or society. We let our ideals fall prey to our disappointments. We get cynical, and disengage from the active role we should have if our democratic society is to function to the benefit of everyone.

Just think, though, what a difference we can make if everyone who shares our values and beliefs would unite to change things. There really is strength in numbers. So if enough of us get active in the fight for change, we can make a difference.

For instance, our elected representatives rarely hear form average voters. But most of them really do want to hear from you! Legislators face thousands of pieces of legislation every year, and they don’t know which ones are important to their voters and which aren’t. Just one or two phone calls, or one or two letters, is a big deal. It lets your representatives know what you think is important.