School Choice Plan Unveiled

SOS” program would give Alabama parents a voice

Today, Alabama Citizens for a Sound Economy announced its support for a school voucher program that will be introduced by next week. Alabama CSE has been working to educate the public about the benefits of school choice by hosting town hall meetings across the state.

The Student Opportunity Scholarship Program (SOS), sponsored by State Sen. Bill Armistead (R-Columbiana) and State Rep. Mary Sue McClurkin (R-Pelham), is a state-issued scholarship plan that would provide parents the means to choose public or private K through 12 schools for their children.

“We are all too familiar with the problems affecting Alabama public schools,” said Toby Roth, director of Alabama Citizens for a Sound Economy. “Alabama consistently ranks among the lowest in academic achievement in America, there is a lack of accountability, and, as we’ve seen recently, financial mismanagement. This bill would change a system that is failing our children.”

School choice introduces the free market principle of competition to education. “With school choice, we are asking schools – public and private – to compete for the opportunity to educate your child,” State Sen. Armistead said.

Additionally, school choice reaffirms the critical role of parental involvement in our children’s education. “This bill would give all parents, rich or poor, a strong voice in the education of their child, ” State Rep. McClurkin said.