Seven Out of Ten Voters Prefer an Independent Review Over Trial-Lawyer Welfare

A Zogby Poll … found that seven out of ten voters polled, approximately 71 percent, would prefer to pursue an independent review that is legally binding on an HMO, when care is denied, than seek a lawsuit against the HMO and their employer. Furthermore, after learning that such a lawsuit may cause a business to enter into insolvency, support for the HMO lawsuits dropped by a margin of three to one. Another survey conducted by Harris Interactive indicated that 45 percent of employers would consider disbanding health care benefits than be faced with the risk of a lawsuit.

The Health Benefits Coalition published an article on May 17th entitled, “Zogby Poll Shows Voters Overwhelmingly Support Independent Review Over New Health Care Lawsuits,” which examined the findings of the recently released Zogby Poll of 1,016 likely voters, conducted between May 10th and May 13th. The preface of the Zogby Poll was to examine the provisions of the Patients’ Bill of Rights, in particular a provision that would allow employers to be sued if their employees had difficulties receiving care from their HMOs.

Full details of the Health Benefits Coalition article and the findings of the Zogby Poll can be found at the Health Benefits Coalition website.