Stop the Exploitation of Our Legal System

The 40,000 members of California Citizens for a Sound Economy today urged Senator Dianne Feinstein to support Senate Bill 353, The Class Action Fairness Act. If passed, this bill would allow individuals to move a class action lawsuit from state to federal court. Many class actions on the state level provide consumers with useless coupons or nominal financial recoveries, while providing their lawyers with millions of dollars.

“I’m extremely troubled that Senator Feinstein is considering voting against such consumer friendly legislation,” said Mike Vallante, Director of California Citizens for a Sound Economy. “This bill helps to stop the exploitation of our legal system by an elite group of greedy trial lawyers.

“Over the past week, activists who are tired of trial lawyers taking advantage of the current legal system and clogging it with frivolous lawsuits have expressed their support to the Senator’s office for this legislation. We hope that Senator Feinstein takes into account her constituency.

“We need Senator Feinstein to help give back our legal system to decent, honest Americans with real grievances by supporting The Class Action Fairness Act.”