Support Education Freedom for Oklahoma!

The fight for freedom in education continues today in Oklahoma.  SB 2100, the School District Deregulation Pilot Program, is in danger in the House of Representatives.  This bill, authored by Senators Ford and Jolley, and Representatives Jones and Kern, is now in the Oklahoma House.  Rep. Jones’ office has indicated that those that oppose local control of school districts have made their voices heard at the Capitol.  We must counter their efforts with a message of education freedom!

Take Action!

SB 2100 would expand opportunities for entire school districts to become charter school districts.  It is a voluntary program open to ten districts.  Districts would apply for the program and a board established by the bill would then pick which ten districts would participate.

Charter schools have a proven track record of cutting through bureaucratic red tape and helping children succeed.  We need you to take action by emailing and calling your representative today!

Tim Gillespie
Field Coordinator
FreedomWorks Oklahoma