Texas Chicken D’s: Quorum Busters

Texas CSE’s motto is “government goes to those who show up” but democracy doesn’t work if our elected officials fail to show up. Our political system does not work if the minority runs when it comes time to vote.

These “Chicken D’s” antics are costing taxpayer money – and time is running out and wasted tax dollars are adding up.

This walk-out is costing us every day enough to educate one Texas schoolchild, and a special session will cost us $1.5 million a day – money needed for education, for health care and roads.

It’s about cutting spending, limiting the growth of government, and bringing justice back to our civil justice system. This is about bills like HB 2 which will save taxpayers one-quarter billion dollars!

While these Chicken D’s are clucking away and have a good time in Oklahoma, the school finance bill, insurance, the Government re-organization bill and many others languish at the state House. These legislators have hijacked up the American system. The people of Texas deserve much better.

They are costing the state money each day – their per diem, which totals $6,250 a day; and the special session will cost Texas taxpayers $1.5 million a day! These legislators owe taxpayers these costs.

These AWOL Chicken D’s behavior is outrageous. These “Okie D’s” have taken a walk on their constituents and on the democratic process.

One CSE member, Jean Anne Stratton, from Lubbock summed it up by saying: ‘We should block the border and not let them in. Oklahoma can keep them.”