Texas CSE Activists Rally in Support of Tax Reform

Texas CSE Activists joined other groups today at Austin’s downtown post office in support of federal legislation which scraps the tax code and paves the way for significant federal tax reform.

H.R. 4199, by Rep. Steve Largent, R-Oklahoma, will sunset the current tax code on December 31, 2004. It passed the U.S. House of Representatives last Thursday by a vote of 229 to 187.

“This legislation will force Washington to have an open and honest debate over how we can design a tax system that is consistent with our values and the New Economy,” said Peggy Venable, director of Texas CSE. “Hard working Americans deserve no less.”

With the current tax code, Americans spend 5.7 million hours preparing their taxes each year- equal to 2.7 million Americans doing nothing but IRS paperwork for one solid year.

“Americans’ time can be more productively spent creating jobs and products,” said Venable. “Instead, we are forced to spend unproductive time filling out tax forms. The current system is a 44,000 page monster that torments taxpayers.”

“While we may have different ideas of what a new tax code should look like, we stand unified against a common injustice- the current convoluted, confusing and unfair federal tax code,” added Venable.