The Inside Scoop on Internet Taxation

CSE activists across America have been voicing their views to politicians at all levels — from the presidential candidates to local mayors — that they are opposed to the various schemes that have been put forward to place discriminatory taxes on the Internet. Taxes already apply to e-commerce the same as they apply to catalogue and mail order sales. The Internet is the driving force behind the best economy in American history and taxing the Internet only threatens this success.

Not only does every state in the union have a budget surplus, but state tax revenues have doubled in the past 10 years. E-commerce does not threaten the existing tax base. Rather, because it is responsible for the dramatic growth in our economy, the Internet actually adds to the tax base. On Tuesday, CSE activists in Dallas will be telling the Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce: Don’t tax the Internet!

Watch this space for updates as they arise relating to Internet Taxation.