The Spin Stops Here

The presidential candidates held their first debate last night, and the spin has already begun. Get a common-sense perspective from a grassroots organization that was on the trail before the first primary educating people on the very issues Gore and Bush debated.

CSE has spent countless hours analyzing each candidates’ proposals and have looked beyond the spin to discover where the rhetoric doesn’t match the reality.

The debate demonstrates that Gore and Bush have vastly different approaches to the economic challenges facing America over the next four years. The debaters sparred over taxes, spending, Social Security reform, Medicare prescription drugs, lawsuit abuse, and education reform—all issues at the heart of CSE’s mission. In short, Gov. Bush argued for an agenda of less government and market-based reforms, while Vice President Gore made the case for bigger government and status quo on entitlements and education.

To read CSE’s full assessment of the candidates’ rhetoric, click on the link below: