The Trial Lawyers Are At It Again…

Alabama is known for “jackpot justice,” with trial lawyers making outrageous sums of money. Now these same trial lawyers are fighting arbitration just to make millions more on the backs of consumers.


You may have heard of arbitration recently. It’s been the focus of a misleading media blitz bought and paid for by Alabama’s big time trial lawyers.

What is arbitration?

Arbitration allows a neutral third party to settle disputes instead of a judge or jury.

Parties who accept arbitration are entitled to the same relief as in a court of law.

Arbitration is a quicker and less expensive alternative to litigation, making it appealing to those consumers who don’t want to get mired down in slow and costly trial proceeding.

Reform our legal system.

Arbitration can help save our overburdened court system from an elite group of greedy trial lawyers by reducing court backlog and weeding out frivolous lawsuits. Arbitration is a faster and less expensive way to solve your legal problems and receive justice.

Who is opposed to arbitration?

An elite group of Alabama’s trial lawyers want to protect their monopoly on huge legal fees by blocking your right to choose how to settle your own dispute.

What’s the real story?

The anti-arbitration trial lawyer distortions are part of a multi-million dollar scheme to mislead Alabama consumers into electing a liberal Supreme Court this November.


Arbitration can help us bring back our legal system to decent, honest Alabamians by expanding choice and providing less costly alternatives to dispute resolution. Don’t let trial lawyer politics and their bottomless pockets handpick liberal judges for our Supreme Court. Join Alabama Citizens for a Sound Economy as we work to preserve this speedy, predictable and fair system of justice for all.

For more information on arbitration, and how you can help reform our legal system, contact Alabama CSE toll-free at (877) JOIN-CSE, or by email at ALCSE@CSE.ORG