The Three Faces of Mitch McConnell. Who Should Voters Believe?

McConnell claimed he wanted to repeal ObamaCare, and then voted to fund it, and now wants to fix it. Which is the real McConnell?

Washington, DC- Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell keeps changing his mind about ObamaCare. First, McConnell said “ObamaCare should be repealed root and branch.” Next, he voted to fund ObamaCare. Now, McConnell wants to get ObamaCare fixed. A new FreedomWorks infographic asks, "Which Mitch McConnell should voters believe?"

Russ Walker, National Political Director of FreedomWorks for America commented, “Voters need to know which McConnell they are voting for. Is it the man that says he wanted to repeal ObamaCare, or the man that voted to fund it and now wants to fix it? Kentuckians deserve a real conservative in the Senate like Matt Bevin, who will never waver in the fight for the full repeal of ObamaCare.”

“Matt Bevin won’t play politics with our health care. Unlike Mitch McConnell, he will fight for full repeal and advocate for free-market health care reforms, not capitulate to special interests and then ‘evolve’ on the issue.”

FreedomWorks for America has hundreds of volunteers out canvassing neighborhoods and talking to voters in Kentucky leading up to the primary. Over 20,000 yard signs and 150,000 door hangers have been sent to support Matt Bevin. Over 100,000 of phone calls have been made to targeted voters across the state to-date.

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Mitch McConnell Infographic