Thumbs Up For Ashcroft Nomination

Washington, DC—On January 16, 2001, as confirmation hearings began for Attorney General nominee Sen. John Ashcroft, CSE was in the middle of the action at the Capitol. CSE participated in a press conference held by the Americans for Ashcroft coalition. We spoke with reporters and appeared on several broadcast media outlets, including; KABC News (Channel 7) San Francisco, MSNBC and ABC Nightly News. CSE staffers also showed their support for Sen. John Ashcroft by demonstrating outside of the hearings and dropping literature to key senate offices.

CSE staffer talks with ABC reporter during

an Ashcroft rally outside the Hart Senate Building

Sen. Ashcroft, while walking into the hearing room recognized a CSE staffer’s lapel pin and said, “Oh yeah, CSE!” He thanked her for all of CSE’s hard work.

“Thanks for all of your hard work!”

– Attorney General Nominee Sen. John Ashcroft

“On behalf of the 280,000 members of Citizens for a Sound Economy who fight every day for lower taxes, less government and more freedom, and as a future working mother, I want an attorney general that will keep the interests of the consumer and taxpayer a priority – not greedy trial lawyers. At a time when federal regulations and legal abuse run amuck, a strong and sane voice is needed. Senator Ashcroft has provided this voice and will continue to do so as the next Attorney General. More importantly, Senator Ashcroft will use his voice to help all Americans.”

– Anita Donaldson, Director of Public Affairs, CSE