Wall Street Journal Lauds CSE Social Security Pledge

In an editorial titled “Grandma Doesn’t Scare Anymore”, the Wall Street Journal today examined how the Social Security issue played during the 2002 elections. The Journal found that, despite Democrat scare tactics, in several key races GOP candidates won by taking principled stands in favor of Social Security reform.

Some excerpts from today’s Wall Street Journal editorial:

“Running on personal retirement accounts didn’t hurt George W. Bush in 2000, and this year it didn’t hurt those stalwart Congressional candidates willing to campaign on the idea despite economic anxiety and corporate scandals.”


“But no fewer than 27 winning candidates signed a Citizens for a Sound Economy pledge to support personal retirement accounts as part of Social Security reform. (They include 26 Republicans, plus Texas Democrat Ralph Hall.)”


“It’s also noteworthy that the rare GOP losers last week included some who deliberately ran away from Social Security reform.”

CSE backed the Social Security Pledge up with a massive voter education campaign and grassroots mobilization. CSE was on the ground and in the airwaves telling voters which candidates supported Social Security reform. In North Carolina alone, for example, CSE:

  • Ran a state-wide radio spot “Dole Will Protect Social Security”

  • Went door-to-door to deliver 25,000 cards on Social Security

  • Placed 1,250 outdoor Social Security signs across the state

  • Made 100,000 targeted Social Security telephone calls to NC voters

  • Mailed out 25,000 color brochures on Dole’s record on Social Security

    Social Security scare tactics didn’t work this election. Thanks to the CSE Social Security Pledge, and CSE’s education effort, voters knew the real truth: that Social Security Reform will protect seniors and preserve Social Security for future generations.