Washington CSE and Congressman Doc Hastings Host Environmental Town Hall Meeting

“By the way CSE is a great group. Not only here in Washington State but they are national as well. In Washington D.C. they are very active on Capitol Hill and many lawmakers rely on CSE’s position papers.”
Congressman Doc Hastings

Wenatchee, WA – On July 6, Washington Citizens for a Sound Economy (WA CSE) hosted a town hall meeting with Congressman Doc Hastings (R-# 4th) to discuss environmental regulations, property rights and salmon recovery issues. Before an audience of more than 60 volunteer CSE activists, Congressman Hastings discussed the need to ensure that the environmental laws are applied uniformly across the country and not applied discriminately on northwestern states. In an effort to protect the property rights of Washingtonians, Doc Hastings said we need to use sound science in amending the Endangered Species Act. Specifically, Rep. Hastings called for the application of sound science in the debate over salmon recovery efforts — echoing a message that CSE has been busy spreading throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Congressman Hastings discusses environmental issues with WA CSE activists.

Rep. Hastings praised the work of WA CSE and our efforts to protect individual property rights, stating, “it is great to have all of you down here to talk about this issue. Property rights are increasingly becoming a huge issue. In many parts of the country no one talked about their importance until recently… Groups like CSE are making a big impact.”

“This CSE group is great. This is where it all has to start, at the grassroots level ladies and gentlemen. They are doing a great job.”
—State Senator, Harold Hochstatter