Washington CSE Scores Big with Crowd of Nearly 40,000 at Washington’s King County GOP Picnic

“Glad you’re here today.” – Jim West, WA State Senate Republican Leader

Puyallup, Washington – On Saturday August 26, 2000, Washington State Republicans held their annual King County GOP Picnic. More than 35,000 Republican activists attended the political fest, and Washington CSE (WA CSE) was there in full force. With two booths, WA CSE educated attendees on the economic issues that matter, such as: technology, civil justice reform, taxes, Social Security, school choice, and the environment. The highlight of the day was CSE’s signature program, “Who Wants To Be a Trial Lawyer Billionaire?” featuring Senator Slade Gorton as a “lifeline.”

“Who Wants to Be a Trial Lawyer Billionaire?” CSE used the popular game show format to educate the crowd on the detriments of frivolous class action lawsuits. One of the questions CSE posed to the contestant before a standing room only crowd of over 15,000 participants was, “How many class action lawsuits have been filed against Microsoft since the federal judge rendered his finding of fact?” The contestant chose to use one of her “lifelines” and chose CSE’s Sharkman for the answer. “One hundred and forty,” was the correct answer.

Grassroots Education – At our booth, WA CSE recruited more than 500 new activists and educated attendees on a number of technology issues. Attendees were educated on the detriments of government controlled technology. WA CSE distributed more than 300 letters to U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno asking her to drop the U.S. Department of Justice’s lawsuit against Microsoft Corporation. Attendees scooped up more than 400 “Stop Government Regulation of Cyberspace” mousepads, hundreds of CSE’s “A Lawsuit a Day Keeps Innovation at Bay” and “No Internet Tax” bumper stickers.