Washington State CSE Helps to Ensure No New Taxes!

Thanks to the hard work of Washington CSE activists, lawmakers handed Gov. Gary Locke a new $23 million state budget plan on Friday that includes a no-new-taxes deal. The plan passed through the legislature without amendment after budget negotiators compromised on the deal early last week. The budget awaits approval from Gov. Locke, who has praised it and affirmed that he will approve it.

“Our legislators rose to a difficult occasion to pass a responsible budget that is well-suited for difficult times; a budget that sets priorities and does not rely on gimmicks or tricks,” Locke said.

The budget plan indicates that lawmakers have decided to cut back wasteful and extravagant spending instead of raising taxes to reduce the projected $2.6 billion deficit, the largest deficit in the state’s history. It is a victory for all Washingtonians and supporters of less spending and fewer taxes! By contacting your elected officials on this important issue you helped take a stand for responsible government in Washington.

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