Protesting Gov-Run Healthcare in Albany, GA

More than 100 protestors showed up outside of Georgia Representative Sanford Bishop’s office today to protest the recent healthcare legislation. Check out the highlights from William Waller:

Approximately 150 people showed up to protest in front of Congressman Sanford Bishop’s (D-2) office located in the Albany Towers on 235 Roosevelt Avenue in Albany, Georgia.

Organizers of the protest came from and

The crowd had gathered mostly in opposition to the government healthcare bills that were released in both the Senate and the House this week; however, some of the protestors held signs against the Cap and Trade bill that received Bishop’s vote.  One such sign labeled Sanford Bishop as a “Cap-n-Traitor.”

After the crowd had gathered, a man from the Tea Party Patriots spoke on the healthcare bill and how it will be dangerous for America.  Debra Swindall, an event protestor, yelled, “We don’t want to have to go to a class to learn to die with dignity!”

2nd District Republican Chairman, Donald Cole, then stood before the crowd with a copy of the Cap and Trade bill.  He is making it an effort to be the only one that has read the entire bill and is highlighting all of the expenditures that Congress will agree to make if the bill passes the Senate and becomes law.  Cole says that he is still waiting for the 300 page amendment that was introduced the night before the bill passed the house.

The crowd was asked to sign in.  Letters were made available for each member of the protest to hand deliver to Bishop’s office.  The media followed the crowd as they made their way through the doors of Albany Towers.

Bishop’s staff showed the protestors a box where they could place the letters.  The reporter and cameraman for WALB were told to remain outside of the office.  A lady on Bishop’s staff told the reporter, “Cameras are not allowed on government property.”  When the reporter questioned the staffer, she continued, “For instance, you cannot just bring your cameras on the military base.”  The reporter told the staffer that she has in fact done that, but she agreed to leave.

No comment was given by Bishop’s staff regarding the protestors or Bishop’s position on the healthcare bill.

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