Reading Between the Health Care Spin

Confused by all the soundbites flying around the Hill on health care?  Worry no longer.  Writing at the Wall Street Journal George Newman succinctly (and simply) takes apart the heath care debate spin.

Forty-five million people in the U.S. are uninsured.”

Even if this were true (many dispute it) should we risk destroying a system that works for the vast majority to help 15% of our population?

“The cost of treating the 45 million uninsured is shifted to the rest of us.”

So on Monday, Wednesday and Friday we are harangued about the 45 million people lacking medical care, and on Tuesday and Thursday we are told we already pay for that care. Left-wing reformers think that if they split the two arguments we are too stupid to notice the contradiction. Furthermore, if cost shifting is bad, wait for the Mother of all Cost Shifting when suppliers have to overcharge the private plans to compensate for the depressed prices forced on them by the public plan.

“A universal plan will reduce the cost of health care.”

Think a moment. Suppose you are in an apple market with 100 buyers and 100 sellers every day and apples sell for $1 a pound. Suddenly one day 120 buyers show up. Will the price of the apples go up or down?

Read the whole thing.  Then print it and tape it above your desk or carry it around in your pocket.  It’s one of the most useful guides health care policy pitfalls you’ll find anywhere. Red State gets a big h/t.

And if you have a few minutes left, John Stossel’s piece “‘Better’ Health Care?” over at Real Clear Politics is well worth it.

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