Report: State Regulatory Openness Scorecard

Today, FreedomWorks Foundation unveiled our latest report on regulatory openness across the country. One of the fundamental principles of our republic is that citizens have a right to “petition the government for redress of grievances.” Unfortunately, when it comes to regulation, this is much easier said than done. At the state level, there is wide variation in how open regulatory agencies are to public comments.

Our new State Regulatory Openness Scorecard attempts to consolidate and compare the varied state systems for public engagement on administrative issues in an effort to better inform administrative process reform. This report grades all 50 states based on four criteria: ease of submitting comments, transparency and accessibility, uniformity, and regulatory restrictiveness.

Transparency and openness should be a top priority for all governmental institutions. For too long, agencies and bureaucrats have remained veiled from the public. It is time that state legislatures make the low-hanging fruit of administrative process reform a priority and bring the administrative state into the light.

Following the release of this report, we will work closely with our state partners to ensure that our findings are translated into real world reforms. Hopefully, the State Regulatory Openness Scorecard will spark much needed conversation around the issue of regulatory openness.

Check out how your state measures up on our website HERE.
Read the summarized report HERE.
Read the full report HERE.

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