Ridgefield, CT Tea Party a Huge Success!

About 300 people showed up on a cold New England day in Ridgefield, CT this past weekend.  With tea party attendees surging across the country, this one got some serious media coverage.  It’s pretty clear that the people won’t be ignored.

Check out the story here, in the New York Times, and here.


One of the most interesting aspects of the taxpayer tea party movement is that these are people who have never taken to the streets before.  The left? They do this every day over the slightest offense real or imagined.

Kids on sleds are threatening the habitat of the elusive mottled snow weasel? To the streets!

Obama stubbed his toe this morning?  This calls for a sit-in!

For too long the conservative crowd has been content to sit on the sidelines, not because they haven’t had an opinion, but because they didn’t want to look like “them.”  Unfortunately, that kind of attitude isn’t very effective and isn’t how you get media and the kind of attention that gives you political power.

It’s clear the socialist policies of late have finally pushed our otherwise soft-spoken coalition over the edge.  Best of all – reports are coming in that this “activism” thing is actually fun.  Now there’s no telling where it will end.

Be sure to check out these great pics.


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