Senator Jim Inhofe’s Book Signing- “The Greatest Hoax”


by U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe

 Senator Jim Inhofe has been a leading voice in the United States Senate since 1994, fighting for limited government and fiscal responsibility. Senator Inhofe has brought his efforts right to the doorsteps of the EPA and their hoax; the Global Warming conspiracy. In his book, Senator Inhofe reveals the reason behind those perpetuating the hoax of Global Warming, who is benefitting from these lies and the cost of the regulations on the American tax payer.

 Senator Inhofe is well respected on the issues of environmental protection as he sis a Ranking Member of the  Senate Committee on Evironment and Public Works, Senate Armed Services Committee and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Senator Inhofe has been a leading voice for environmental protection and a stronger national defense.

 Come meet Senator Inhofe and receive a signed copy of “The Greatest Hoax” at the Full Circle Bookstore in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on Friday, March 16th at 4 PM. This book will be a leading voice of reason against the tax increasing regulation of the EPA and a wrecking ball to the hoax known as Global Warming.


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