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Generational Theft: How the Washington Political Establishment Is Robbing Millennials of Opportunity

"Generational theft," it's a harsh term but it's true. Every day, millions of Americans for paying into systems they will never see a return in, never utilize, never receive even adequate service from. Even worse, millions of people are paying into programs they don't want to participate in. The disheartening piece of the matter is that we aren't paying taxes simply to fund unpopular federal programs, we are paying taxes simply to pay off the interest and debt, hoping that one day we can start paying off what needed to be paid for in the first place. What have we done to ourselves? The better question at hand is what did our parents generation do to help get us here, and how does this affect the future of our posterity? Generational theft is not simply one generation of Americans who stole from another, it's the permanent enslavement to the debt we place on future generations who will inherit an inconceivable toll upon their entrance into the world.