Teachers Union Educate Kids on ‘Trickle Down’ Economics

Teachers are given the incredible responsibility of educating children. Around the world, parents entrust these men and women to spend their days educating children with the expectation that they will stick to the curriculum and leave personal beliefs at home. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Teachers Unions have become powerful forces in education, making it difficult to discipline or fire teachers for overstepping their set responsibilities. As teachers become more comfortable with sharing their values in the classroom, parents need to be vigilant about knowing what these values are. A cartoon recently released by the California Federation of Teachers (CFT), and affiliate of the AFL-CIO demonstrates just how far-left official teachers’ groups have become, and makes one wonder how much of this will make its way into the classroom. 

This cartoon, Tax the RIch: An Animated Fairy Tale, is narrated by notable millionaire actor and self-professed socialist Ed Asner, and animated by Mike Konopacki, an artist specializing in political cartoons, especially those dealing with labor issues. The eight-minute film was directed by CFT’s Fred Glass, who was paid a salary of $139,800 in 2011. None of these men are strangers to wealth, but this doesn’t stop them from depicting the wealthy as despicable people in the film that the group says is about “widening economic inequality.” 

Tax the Rich tells a story in which people become wealthy by dodging their tax responsibilities. When the 99 percenters fight back, the video has a rather colorful and disgusting way of pushing their message of class warfare- a wealthy man is depicted urinating on those protesting his unwillingness to give more money to the government. Apparently, this is how the CFT chooses to convey the concept of “trickle down,” economics. Notably absent from this story is any mention of the insatiable government considering a cut in spending. 

Glass says that, with this video, “The CFT is working on helping citizens understand growing economic inequality and the need to restore higher tax rates for the wealthy in order to fund necessary public services,” and is not intended to be shown in schools. Regardless, parents should be very concerned that these are the people educating their children, and that an official organization would create such a video. Ladies and gentleman, this is the modern day teachers union. Remember….everything they say they’re doing is “for the children.”