Tell Your Representative: Support the Loudermilk Letter Encouraging Senate’s Stand on SCOTUS Nominees

With Justice Scalia’s death leaving a gaping hole in our nation’s highest court, Senate Republicans have only one clear choice. In the midst of a highly charged presidential election, far better to let voters choose who should appoint our next Supreme Court justice than fight a bloody and fully partisan battle with President Obama over shifting the ideological balance of SCOTUS. So far, Republican leaders in the Senate have been very clear that they agree with this assessment, vowing that they will neither hold hearings nor votes on any nominee to replace Scalia this year.

But over the next several months, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Senate Judiciary Committee will be under immense pressure to change their course. It is essential that they continue to hear from all corners that they have made the right decision. To that end, Congressman Barry Loudermilk is collecting signatures from House Members, thanking Senator McConnell for his refusal to consider a SCOTUS nominee this year, and urging him to hold fast to his position.

FreedomWorks applauds Congressman Loudermilk’s effort, and we urge conservatives to contact their representatives to ask that they sign onto this important letter. A strong list of signatures from the House of Representatives will be another great signal that the Senate should stay on course.

You can read the actual letter below, and you can tell your representative to sign Congressman Loudermilk’s letter HERE.

Loudermilk House Letter to Senate – SCOTUS by FreedomWorksPolicy